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Monday, 21 October 2013

Cornelius the Unicorn Lad

Cornelius the Unicorn Boy

Cornelius the Unicorn Boy also known as Charles Chufflechuck was originally from a family of ranch handlers in the Midwest. He was born with albino coloured skin, pink eyes and a large spiral horn on his head. Due to these deformities, He was soon sold off to the owners of the world famous R.B Farrel Carnival Show. It was there that he finally found a home and fame as the headline act of the freak show- Cornelius the Unicorn Boy. However as much as he had grown used to the show, He always longed to be as accepted as a normal looking boy.

After the collapse and tragic burning down of the R.B. Farrel Carnival, Cornelius traveled with one or two low rent freak shows before settling on the West Coast with his wife and Carer. In later years he filed down his horn and soon grew very ill with pneumonia like symptoms. His white translucent skin was said to have developed into a subtle shade of grey. He died in his home at the age of 64, He is survived by three children and four grandchildren- None of which possess his trademark “unicorn” frontal horn. However his youngest grandchild has a tail.

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