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Gary Mackean, The Boy Who Draws Monsters, is the creator of the gremlin webcomic Barnaby and Loaker, The Scottish Superhero Angus the Haggis Slayer, The Baboon God Ba-Boom and many others. Gary is an Edinburgh cartoonist and illustrator and is available for commissions and projects. garymackean@aol.com

Monday, 29 September 2014

Saw: The Musical

Saw: The Musical

Here is my poster for a musical version of the horror film series Saw.

The fictional musical features such songs as "There's a key, There's a key, There's a key behind your eye", "Tears Behind The Pig Mask", "Ode To A Puppet-Boy", "Play A Game With Me" and "Girl In A Bear Trap".
The idea for a musical version of Saw originally came from a joke with my friend Matt Stockl many years ago. We never really got around to taking it seriously but I thought I'd make a poster for the potential musical.

Sunday, 28 September 2014

"The Fly"

The Fly

This is my film poster for the Science Fiction Horror film "The Fly".

The Fly (1986) was directed by David Cronenberg and stars Jeff Goldblum. 

The film tells the story of a scientist who accidentally begins to transform into a hideous giant human fly hybrid monster after one of his experiments goes horribly wrong.

The tagline comes from a discussion I had with my friend Rick where we joked about how Jeff Goldblum slowly becomes a horrible fly monster but for a brief period in the film he gets all hunky and the female lead starts to become sexually attracted to him.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes!


Attack of the Killer Tomatoes!

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes! is a 1978 comedy horror film directed by John DeBello and starring David Miller.

It is a spoof of B Movies and has spawned three sequels- "Return of the Killer Tomatoes!" (1988), "Killer Tomatoes Strike Back!" (1990) and "Killer Tomatoes Eat France!" (1991).

The film deals with a group of scientists who must band together to save the world from killer mutated tomatoes.

The film (and it's sequels) is one of my all time favourite guilty pleasures. 

Tuesday, 23 September 2014


Angus is a character that I created several years ago. Originally he was known as Angus the Haggis Slayer and was one of the main features at my Masters of Fine Art in Illustration degree show (some years ago now). Since then I have been working and re-working the character by adding more back story and increasing the pathos and internal struggle of the character.

Angus, As many of you will know, was originally a haggis slayer. The Last Haggis Slayer. He was the only survivor of a great haggis war and continued to fight demons, haggises, monsters and magic even without his ancient peacekeeping clan.

In the revised version, Angus is now a disgraced former Haggis Slayer infected with the Were-Coo virus at a young age, An incurable disease that is slowly turning him into a vicious Were-Coo. He becomes the last link to the Slayers after they are wiped out in the Haggis War much like in the original story. However he must now struggle with honouring a family who abandoned him and also fighting his primal urges.

His comic, which I hope to finish and publish soon, is no longer titled Angus the Haggis Slayer. His adventures will now be collected in the simple title of "Angus". This was done to show that he is a former slayer and to concentrate more on just Angus.

I have changed the design of Angus by giving him the golden eyes and the budding horns of a were-coo. I have also changed how I create the image by digitally colouring it rather than making it hand painted.

Sunday, 21 September 2014

"Everybody Loves Ro-Man" #1

Everybody Loves Ro-Man #1

A new comic strip based on the characters of "Robot Monster", A 1953 Black and White American Science Fiction film directed by Phil Tucker.

It is considered to be one of the worst films ever made. The general plot of the movie revolves around the monstrous titular character attempting to destroy the last family on planet Earth but bizarrely finds himself falling in love with the daughter of said family.

The film's very low budget did not allow for a complete robot costume so the director hired his friend George Barrows, Who had his own Gorilla suit to play the main character Ro-Man.

This issue is one of potentially six short issues that will tell a comical version of the ill fated film's history through the eyes of the man playing Ro-Man.

Certain aspects of the story like Ro-Man dreaming of the film's success has been fabricated but the main story of the film will remain relatively unchanged.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Jaws and the Giant Peach

Jaws and the Giant Peach

Soooo...In 2011 I created a painting of "When Jaws met James and the Giant Peach", A sort of mix mash of fiction. I think quite a few people liked it at the time but I was never overly happy with how rough it looked or the materials I used to create it.

Since then I've invested in a Wacom tablet and I thought I'd play around with some of my old ideas like this one.  I think this version of the idea is a lot smoother and closer to the original Jaws poster.

If anyone would like to see any other crossovers then shoot them my way and I'll try and get to work on them.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Last Week of Exhibition

It's the last week of "Here We Are At Home", A group exhibition focusing on Scottish art. The show was created by Pop Up Scotland and is held on the first floor (next to Debenhams) of Ocean Terminal in Edinburgh.

My collection of Scottish Animal prints are part of the exhibition. 

  My small prints of my Whale, Highland Cow, Capercaillie, Skua, Stag and Midge are selling for £10 each.

 Here I am next to my two large framed prints (The Highland Cow and Capercaillie) which are selling for £60 each.

The Show ends on the 14th September so please pop down and see some great work while you still can...